Frequently Asked Questions

PAEA Awards provide national recognition for recipients’ accomplishments in PA education. Each recipient receives $500, a crystal award, and complimentary registration to the 2016 Education Forum. The most prestigious award, the Lifetime Achievement Award, includes additional benefits. Please see each award category for details.


When is the deadline for all materials?

  • March 1st by 5:00 p.m. (EST) is the deadline for all materials, including nomination letters, letters of support, CVs, and resumes.

Will you accept materials after the deadline?

  • In extenuating circumstances, materials may be accepted after the deadline on a case-by-case basis. Please contact to discuss your submission.

Who can nominate?

  • Faculty, staff, and administration from all member programs are encouraged to submit nominations.

Can I nominate a candidate outside of my current PA program?

  • Yes, when nominating, please consider candidates both inside and outside your current PA program.

Which category is most appropriate for my candidate?

  • If you have any questions about which category might be the most appropriate for your nominee, please contact

I am a nominator. How many nomination forms can I submit?

  • There is no limit on the number of candidates you may nominate.

Can someone be nominated for more than one award?

  • Yes, the same person may be nominated for multiple awards if the nominee meets the criteria for multiple categories.

What documents do you need for nomination?

  • Each award requires a nomination letter and one or more letters of support. In most cases, the nominator is also required to submit the nominee’s current CV. Please see each award category for details.

Can I save the nomination and return to complete it later?

  • No, there is no option to partially save an electronic nomination and return to complete it later. Before beginning a nomination, please have on hand all information required, including the nomination letter, contact information for the letters of support, and the nominee’s CV. We have created an exception in the event the nominee’s CV is unavailable at the time of submission: You are still able to complete the rest of the form and email the CV when available to

How do I know my electronic nomination or letter of support was received?

  • Once a nomination form or letter of support is submitted, a copy of the form will be emailed to you as confirmation. If you do not receive this email, please contact

Can I submit nominations via email, or do I have to use the electronic nominations form?

  • Nominations will be accepted via the electronic nominations form. If you would like to submit additional letters of support (more than five), please submit them directly to Hard copy forms and letters will not be accepted.


How do I submit a letter of support?

  • If you have coordinated with the nominator to submit a letter of support, the nominator will list your email address on the electronic nomination form. When this form is completed, you will receive an automated email with the link to the letter of support submission form. If you did not receive the link to the form or would like to send an additional letter, you can do so here.

How many letters of support may be submitted per candidate?

  • See the criteria for each award for the minimum number of letters of support required. Please note: providing additional letters above the minimum will not increase a candidate’s chances of receiving the award.


Who decides the recipients?

  • The PAEA Awards Committee determines the award recipients. The committee is comprised of six PA educators who are dedicated to identifying and recognizing the outstanding contributions within PA education.

How are the recipients evaluated?

  • The committee uses a standardized scoring rubric that correlates with the outlined award criteria to evaluate and score each nomination. The committee reviews the compiled scores and reaches a consensus for the official determination.

Are all awards given out each year?

  • No, each award is not necessarily given out annually. PAEA’s Awards Committee carefully reviews the nominations for each of the 11 categories and selects a recipient when the submitted materials closely align with the award criteria.

Can someone receive the same award more than once?

  • Yes, there is no policy that prohibits someone from receiving the same award multiple times, though the committee does take this into consideration when evaluating nominations.


  • Awards open: January 4 – March 1st
  • Selection process: March
  • Final recipients selected: April
  • All nominees and nominators will be mailed an official letter or certificate in April.
  • Awards & Recognition Ceremony: Friday, October 14, 2016, during the PAEA Education Forum in Minneapolis, Minnesota


PAEA offers 10 awards and one joint AAPA/PAEA award for a total of 11 categories.

  • Article of the Year Award
  • Research Achievement Award
  • Excellence through Diversity Award
  • Clinical Coordination Award
  • Partnership Award
  • Preceptor of the Year (AAPA/PAEA Award)
  • Administrative Support Staff Award
  • New Faculty Award for Professional Excellence Award
  • Rising Star Award
  • Master Faculty Award Award
  • Lifetime Achievement Award Award


Please contact with questions regarding the awards or the submission process.